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We thank you for visiting our website.  You are important to us, and we appreciate the opportunity to give you more information about our magazine.

  • Artisan Jewelry Times, like it’s sister publication Soda Lime Times, is unique in concept, delivery and content.
  • Concept:  The Artisan Jewelry Times’ staff is talented and experienced in providing quality information, outstanding visuals, and unique original subject matter month-in and month-out.
  • Our format employs the expertise of master artisan jewelry designers from all over the world to give an International flair to the magazine.
  • The result is an elegant, sophisticated, trendy, inspired magazine for jewelry makers and jewelry lovers everywhere.
  • Many print magazines focus on one jewelry making genre; seed beading, lapidary, polymer clay, for instance.  The Artisan Jewelry Times provides insights into a cross section of jewelry types each month, giving our readers the chance to expand their jewelry making range.
Delivery:   Readers worldwide get instant access with no delivery delay or charges, and current monthly issues may be accessed on our website, 24/7.

  • The magazine is designed to be read on a computer or tablet (like an iPad) and delivered via download from the Internet Cloud.  Unlike print magazines the format is designed to make it easy to read online.
  • Paragraph length and line spacing, for instance, make the reading the magazine a breeze.
  • For those who prefer a print magazine, all or any part of the magazine may be printed in color or black and white by the subscriber at their option.
  • While the magazine is graphically beautiful, we remain conscious of the cost of ink and fill the background with as much white as possible to minimize the use of a subscriber’s ink when printing.
  • Of course, may people just like the convenience of being able to read the magazine in the studio, on an airplane, in the study, at the coffee shop, or anywhere else on their iPad, or other tablet.


Content:  There are many terrific magazines that provide good content and interesting articles.  The problem is that in many cases the content and articles are hard to find for the advertising.  While we have been told some people buy those magazines for the ads, we think there should be more meat on the bones for the money.In the Artisan Jewelry Times you will find page after page of articles, collages, tips, tricks and tutorials.  Of course there are ads too, but they do not get in the way of the content.Each issue of the Artisan Jewelry Times will contain:

  • An overview of the issue
  • A Featured Artist biography
  • A tutorial by the Featured Artist
  • Focus on Fabulous (an outstanding example of Artisan Jewelry)
  • Ear Ring Inspiration (The most popular item at jewelry shows take center stage)
  • Color of the Month (what it is, how to use it, and where to get it)
  • Articles of Interest to artisan jewelry makers
  • 6 or more tutorials that won’t break your bank buying equipment
  • Special Features (not every month, but great stuff when available)


As a subscriber you . . .

  • Save money
  • Get 5 (or more) new tutorials each month
  • Get immediate free delivery (even Internationally)
  • Are the first to get the new issues
  • May keep your issues on your tablet, iPad, etc.
  • Are introduced to leading-edge trends first
  • May expand your marketing knowledge base
  • May expand your style inventory
  • Get inside info on new tools, materials, and suppliers
  • Have access to your issues 24/7
  • Get back issues at subscriber-only pricing
  • Get special offers, tutorials and information
  • Qualify for periodic subscriber only drawings
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Want to see your work in print?  The benefits can be tremendous.  Please eMail me with your contact info and a brief summary of your work at .

"Our commitment, made each month, is to bring the freshest, most leading edge information possible to our subscribers about the wonderful world of handmade jewelry.  We truly believe that our subscribers are more aware of the trends, better educated in multiple genres, and more able to produce stunning artisan jewelry than those who do not subscribe to our magazine.  In short, those that do not subscribe are missing a worldwide volume of experience that may leave them always behind the curve.  Our subscribers are better prepared to use their talent to create extraordinary jewelry than those that go it alone.  In the Artisan Jewelry Times you will always get insightful information from a magazine the is produced by jewelry makers, for jewelry makers from all over the world.  This magazine truly has earned and deserves its reputation for being Elegant, Sophisticated, Trendy and Inspired.”  — Karen Leonardo, Editor

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