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If You Are Interested in Artisan Jewelry, and Love Making It . . .  Consider the Artisan Jewelry Times

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“Our commitment, made each month, is to bring the freshest, most leading edge information possible to our subscribers about the wonderful world of handmade jewelry.  We truly believe that our subscribers are more aware of the trends, better educated in multiple genres, and more able to produce stunning artisan jewelry than those who do not subscribe to our magazine.  In short, those that do not subscribe are missing a worldwide volume of experience that may leave them always behind the curve.  Our subscribers are better prepared to use their talent to create extraordinary jewelry than those that go it alone.  

In the Artisan Jewelry Times you will always get insightful information from a magazine the is produced by jewelry makers, for jewelry makers from all over the world.  This magazine truly has earned and deserves its reputation for being Elegant, Sophisticated, Trendy and Inspired.”  — Karen Leonardo, Editor

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