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  • Ultimate Reading Convenience

    Magazine delivered digitally (in PDF format) to computers, i-Pads, Kindles, Android Tablets, and other portable devices.

  • Portability and Easy Access

    Your issues may downloaded and taken with you and/or accessed on the website from anywhere.  Back issues to which you are entitled are kept on your subscriber’s home page and may be downloaded 24/7.

  • Notice of New Issues Are e-Mailed Each Month

    You will be notified by email with a link when a new issue is published.  You may also get the new issue on the website.

Magazine Features

  • Comprehensive Content

    Written by professionals who are also jewelry makers the magazine’s content is spot on in every issue.  Clear, concise and clean, you get total high quality value on every page.

  • Tutorials by Talented Jewelry Artists

    You will be amazed at who you are learning from in issue after issue.  Some of the world’s best known, most talented Artisan Jewelry makers show you how to do it.

  • Images that Inspire

    Primarily a visual magazine, you get much more to look at and much less static in Artisan Jewelry Times.  The magazine is visually stunning; our readers tell us so.

With a Digital Magazine You Print Only What You Want

By using the digital format our readers may print out only those articles, or tutorials that they really want to see on paper.  Many subscribers simply read the magazine off of their computer or pad.

We Are Accessible

The publishers of Artisan Jewelry Times are accessible and love to get ideas and suggestions from our subscribers.   We value our subscribers, and our objective is to deliver quality on every page.    If you would like to be in the Artisan Jewelry Times, let us hear from you; we would love to have a chat.

We Are a Green Publisher

We Save Trees and Help the Environment

By publishing digitally, we save hundreds, if not thousands of trees each year.  We think that is the responsible way to publish in a modern world; a way to help preserve the planet on which we live; and a way to make our home in the universe a better place for all to be.


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